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UK: Older people in care homes abandoned to die amid Government failures during coronavirus pandemic - new report

Key failings included decisions to discharge thousands of untested hospital patients into care homes and imposition of blanket DNARs <br> <br>Care home managers and staff say they were left without guidance, PPE or access to testing. Read more


Coronavirus: Government urged to ‘get a grip’ over reports of missing test results

The government has been told to “get a grip” of its nationwide testing programme following reports that Covid-19 tests provided to members of the public and care homes are regularly being lost.

People across the country have complained of waiting days or even weeks to receive their results, before being informed by the Covid helpline that authorities were unable to locate their test.

Separately, care home providers have said that entire bags of swabs have been lost following residential outbreaks, forcing staff and patients to retake their tests.


01 Dec 2020

Sheffield care homes warned not to use Lateral Flow Tests after council voices doubts over accuracy

Care home providers have been warned not to use the government’s tests for COVID-19 known as Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) by Sheffield City Council.

Credit: Sodel Vladyslav/ Shutterstock

In an email to care home owners in Sheffield, the local authority said the LFT tests which can deliver a result within 15 minutes, had demonstrated an "unacceptably high risk" of not detecting the virus.

In an email Sara Storey, head of access and prevention at Sheffield City Council, wrote: 'We have recently been made aware that the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) are due to begin rolling out Lateral Flow Tests kits to care homes very soon.

01 Dec 2020

Study examines link between high blood pressure in mid life and brain damage in the elderly - Alzheimer’s Society comment

A new study, part-funded by Alzheimer’s Society, being published on Thursday 26 November in the European Heart Journal, looks at the link between high blood pressure and more extensive brain damage among the elderly.

30 Nov 2020

Covid: Newport care nurse returned to work but nearly died

"I've been called a pandemic actor. I reply: 'I must be a good one as I let a doctor cut a hole in my throat'."

Jamie Branagan, 52, returned to care home nursing when the coronavirus pandemic broke out - but it was a decision that nearly cost him his life.

Mr Branagan spent a month in a coma and suffered a cardiac arrest, kidney failure and collapsed lung, after contracting Covid-19 himself.


30 Nov 2020

Care home owner 'overwhelmed' with Covid pressures took his own life

A care home owner from Wrexham who was “overwhelmed” and "afraid of spreading" coronavirus to the residents tragically took his own life outside a police station, an inquest heard earlier this week.

Vernon Hough. Credit: Facebook

Vernon Hough, 61, was a director at Gwastad Hall Nursing Home, in Wrexham, which he ran with his wife Helen caring for 40 residents.

At the inquest in Ruthin, Mrs Hough said running the care home during the pandemic was "having an impact" on her husband.

30 Nov 2020

Care England boss submits evidence in favour of social care people plan

Care England has submitted evidence to the government in favour of sustainable funding and a long-term plan for the social care workforce.

The representative body for independent adult social care providers has responded to a call for evidence on good practice on in-work progression from the Department of Work and Pensions.

The submission calls for the creation of a 10-year people plan, akin to that in the NHS, to support those who work in adult social care with a fair wage and substantial training and development.

26 Nov 2020
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Covid infections in England fall by 30% over lockdown - React study

Coronavirus infections in England have fallen by about a third over lockdown, according to a major study.

Some of the worst-hit areas saw the biggest improvements - but, despite this progress, cases remained relatively high across England.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the data showed the country could not "take our foot off the pedal just yet".

The findings by Imperial College London were based on swabbing more than 100,000 people between 13-24 November.Read more

Covid care home study to triple in size

A government-backed study to test care home staff and residents for their immune response to coronavirus is to triple in size.

The number of care homes taking part in the Vivaldi 2 study will increase from 100 to 340, testing approximately 4,500 residents and 9,500 staff.

The study led by researchers from University College London (UCL) will use trained phlebotomists to draw blood from care home residents and staff which is then used to test for the presence of antibodies for COVID-19.Read more

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