Coronavirus COVID-19 Hub

Using technology to stay in touch with family and friends

Now that HM Government has advised the over-70's and those with underlying health issues to stay at home, its time for the Internet to make itself useful!

While you can just pick up the phone, the Internet can give you free calls, including overseas - maybe saving you money, and letting you make video calls too!

Below is our pick of the services you can use, with the pros and cons clearly listed.


The original and still one of the most capable.

Skype offers free calls to other Skype users with video and voice along with text chat. Its available for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android.


  • Easy to use
  • Works on almost all devices


  • Requires a Microsoft account (may have privacy consequences)

Google Hangouts

Google's latest attempt at voice and video chat is Hangouts. If you have a Gmail address or an Android phone, you can already access Hangouts to call other Google account holders.

Hangouts doesn't have an official installer for Windows or Mac, but you can use the web version.


  • You probably already have it on your phone


  • Requires a Google account which you may not have if you don't own an Android phone